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Dining tables

Dining table with natural edges, made from a single piece of wood. Protected with natural oils or epoxy resin, which gives additional shine.

Unique Products

Products made from unique wood, processed in a special manner and protected with epoxy resin.

Outdoor furniture

Table, benches, verandas, two-seaters, sets, pergolas and fences with manual or machine procession and stain (paint) protection of your choice.

Do you like what you see?


The Sawmill Pljachkovica  uses epoxy resin during the production of its special line of products under the name “Artumwood”. Epoxy gives all wooden surfaces water resistant, elastic finish with high shine. As a protective layer it is ideal for wood projects exposed to moisture or wear.

Epoxy resin offers varying possibilities when combined with wood.

  • Protection
  • Water resistance
  • High shine
  • Unique design