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Handmade furniture with varying designs. Each wood is different and requires a different approach, processing, and touch. In addition, we use epoxy resin to fill each crack or open knot. Making the surface smooth and consistent yet keeping the appearance rustic with a natural finish.

Club Table - Artumwood

Unique handmade furniture

Products made from unique wood, processed in a special manner and protected with epoxy resin.

Handmade Crafted Walnut Vine Table - Artumwood

Dining tables

Dining table with natural edges, made from a single piece of wood. It is protected with natural oils or epoxy resin, therefore gives additional shine.

Pergolas & Wooden Benches - Artumwood

Outdoor Handmade furniture

Table, benches, verandas, two-seaters, sets, pergolas, and fences. We do manual or machine procession and stain (paint) protection of your choice.

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Epoxy Resin

We use epoxy resin during the production of our special line of handmade furniture products under the name “Artumwood”. Epoxy gives all wooden surfaces water-resistant, elastic finish with high shine. In addition, as a protective layer, it is ideal for wood projects exposed to moisture or wear.

Epoxy resin offers varying possibilities when combined with wood.

Green Epoxy Resin - Artumwood

Our handmade furniture is made out of...


Iroko is an African tree, also known as the African teak tree. For instance, it is used for building ships, floors, furniture, and outdoor furniture. Therefore it lasts a very long time and doesn’t require frequent protection.

For instance, Iroko lumber in combination with iron or aluminum legs gives a modern and minimalist style.


Walnut is a warm tree, rich in color and with beautiful patterns. Above all, it is strong and impact-resistant wood. It is polished to a very smooth surface. Therefore it makes it ideal for making furniture and carving. In addition, the walnut veneer is highly valued by car manufacturers.

Walnut in combination with white or black epoxy resin gives a unique product. In other words, the best choice if you are attracted to an exclusive look.


Bubinga is an exotic tree, very hardy, and resistant to shocks. In addition, it is resistant to all pests. Bubinga’s colors can be magical. In other words, due to all these qualities it is used for furniture, musical instruments, making veneer and of course decoration.


Oakwood is strong, hard, and durable. Above all, it has an attractive light blue color with beautiful patterns.